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18 сентября 2018

Closing ceremony of the Olympiad

On the eve of the European Day of Languages ​​(26 September), our school   held  the festive closing ceremony of the Olympiad "Most-Bridge - Intercultural Dialogue". As we have already mentioned, this year about 170 pupils Years  2 to 11 of the Linguistic School, as well as contestants from other Moscow schools took part in our Olympiad.
  Based on the results of the two rounds, the jury have chosen the winners among the primary school pupils. The winners are Ignat Goodilin - 4 A form, Stanislav Kuznetsov - 4 A form, Makar Mazaev - 4 B form, Ukolova Natali - 4A form and Igonkin Timothy 3B form. To the loud applause of all present,  the jury members awarded the winners with certificates of the Cambridge University, as well as gifts from the Olympics partner - Cambridge University Press publishing house. Then, as follows  a  souvenir photo with well  deserved prizes and gifts.
  In the secondary school contest, our guests, contestants from other  Moscow schools,  were honored with awards. They not only successfully passed Cambridge exams levels  KET for Schools, PET for Schools, FCE for Schools, but also went to the final of the second round of the Olympiad based on the results of the creative contest. We congratulate Lindina Catherina  from the "Vorobyevy Gory" Lyceum, Veishtagina Alina -  from School 1569   and Ilatovsky Vladislav from School 2054.
   And finally, we announce the winner of the “Most-Bridge - Intercultural Dialogue” Olimpiad 2018 - Ankirskaya Alla, School 1547.  Alla has perfectly defended her project at the creative contest and got the first place in the nomination  "My Dream School".   On top of that, she  passed the Cambridge FCE exam for Schools with an "A" grade, which means that Alla speaks English at the "Advanced" level.This is an impressive result, considering the fact that Alla has just started the 8th grade (that is  not even the high school yet!), and we wholeheartedly congratulate her on this high achievement! The  organizing committee  of the Olympiad congratulated Alla and presented her with the Apple iPad - a tablet, the  traditional prize of the "Most-Bridge - Intercultural Dialogue" Olympiad for the first place. We hope that with the help of this digital education tool, Alla will achieve new academic heights! Besides that, the winner of the Olympiad was invited to present her new  project   at  the annual International Conference of Schoolchildren "Language and Peace", which will be held on April 5, 2019 at the Linguistic School.
  Once again, we congratulate all the winners and wish everyone further success!
  ( translated by Darya Teterkina, 11th form pupil)  
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