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Enrolment from other schools takes place throughout the academic year on the proviso of free places in the class.

Transference to the Linguistics School from other schools is possible after completing a test and an interview on the English language (the test and interview with the teacher is on a free theme) and tests in the Russian language and Mathematics.

Pupils are invited to attend trial lessons during one school day. Should a positive decision follow therefrom, the pupil is given a Certificate of Acceptance into the School and the parents receive a list of required documents for entering the contract.

A Letter of Acceptance is issued upon payment of tuition fees and presenting the following documents: personal records from the previous school with copies of the birth certificate, the passport of the parent in whose name the contract is to be signed, and the pupil’s passport (where applicable).

It is mandatory that the school medical records with notification of age-related vaccinations are transferred. Pupils who have received basic general education (9 Years) provide the original of the certificate.