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No doubt everyone loves their school, is proud of it will always remember it. Though with Linguistics School it isn’t enough just to love it, you need to come back again and again to relive all the ups and downs you went through. A huge thanks to all the teachers for the special atmosphere, for their help and support and invaluable experience. You are part of all our lives and I cannot put into words how much we love you! Thank you very much for the 4 years we spent together, we will never forget you and won’t allow you to forget us. We’re already waiting for the time when we can once again go into the classrooms we know so well though this time not as pupils, but as guests, and embrace such close and dear teachers, and we will try to wear the badge of Linguistis School Leaver with honour and to do our best to make you proud of us!!!

Julia Eltsova

I’d to say a big thank you to all those who were with me during those 4 years. I will remember the warm atmosphere and love that I was surrounded with in the walls of my favourite School for the rest of my life. Thank you very much.

Natasha Nepriyakhina

School: a huge thank you for my wonderful friends, incredibly happy moments and understanding teachers. For your truly special atmosphere. I will never forget you!

Viktoria Arkelyan
(2012 Leaver, MSPU Undergraduate)

LESch! I adore you, honest I do! I wish the teachers and their pupils all the very best as you’re just peerless! It’s my 4th school so I can in full confidence say that you are the best and that you have an incredibly welcoming and considerate atmosphere and I will never forget you and will definitely come back to my nearest and dearest, truly nearest and dearest!

Elizaveta Gorbacheva

We have always loved and will always love Linguistics School for the wonderful friendly atmosphere. Thankyouteachers!

Julia Ignateva, Denis Belique, Julia Zaitseva
( 2011Leavers. Julia Ignateva: REA Plekhanov Undergraduate, Denis Belique: MSIIR Undergraduate, Anastasia Razumovskaya: ARAIT Undergraduate, Julia Zaitseva: REA Plekhanov Undergraduate)

This is our second Leaver and we have no regret whatsoever. The School really is a second home. A kind home. Their attitude is as if the kids were their own. Thank you for your kind attitude, warmth and for your respect to our children. Thank you for the fact that the teaching team sees that they are special!!! Successtoyouall!!!

Panchenko Family
(BogdanPanchenko: 2011 Leaver, MSIIR Undergraduate)

’m grateful to the School for much: I’ve made good friends and the teachers are like my nearest and dearest. I’llmissyouSOmuch. The School has become a second home for me.

Karolina Bormsbecher
(2011 Leaver, Presidential PANE & CS Undergraduate)

The best place we could ever have studied in. An amazing teaching staff, kindhearted pupils, exemplary people, an amazing level of creative growth. I’d like to wish you good health, happiness and success! Hats off!
Yakybov Rafael, Taut Anastasia, Chepiya Angelika, 2010 leavers, MSTTU, MIFL students

Respected teachers, colleagues, and the administration of our dear School!
A great part of a person’s start in life takes place within your walls. Thank you very much for the fact that the way has been lit by your care, respect, love and patience to our children! We sincerely wish you even greater and higher successes, victories and recognition. Thank you from our hearts and souls for your knowledge!
With respect and gratitude,

Rodionova Natalia Gerbetovna
RodionovGrigori, 2010 leaver, SU HSE student

Thank you very much to the School for giving us happy childhood years and good knowledge. Thank you for your patience, warmth and love. We will always remember you,

Movshevich Elena, Gromova Liudmila
2010 leavers, MSAL, MSTTU students

I want to express my immense gratitude to this School; having entered here, I found myself in a friendly warm and, most importantly, family set-up. You will always remain in my heart, my dears!

Kuleshova Ksenia
2010 leaver, MIFL student

I had never met such wonderful people as our teachers.
Thank you! I love you!

Abrosimova Alexandra
2010 leaver, MIFL student

You might say that I fell in love with the School at first sight so small, cozy and friendly is it! And the teaching staff are just wonderful! I doubt whether the teachers in any other school are so sensitive, understanding, and ready to help absolutely everyone beginning with school subjects and ending with family stuff. What wonderful teachers of history, English and Russian. What more can you say … All the teachers are just brilliant!
Thank you very much to the School! It is here that I have found new friends, it is in this very School that I have gained the kind of knowledge you would be hard pushed to gain in any other.

Korotchenko Svetlana
2010 leaver, gold medalist, MSIIR

On behalf of all the parents we express our heartfelt gratitude to the entire teaching body of the Linguistics School for its heroic efforts and diligent professionalism in the raising of our children. We wish you the best of happiness, health and success in your honourablelabours!

Shtefura V.L., Chentsova V.P., Zakharova T.V.
Shtefura Roman, RSUH, Zakharov Alexander, All-Russian State Moscow Governement Academy of Tax student

I never thought that this School would be so much more like home for me than the one I studied for 9 years in! Nowhere had I seen such sensitive teachers who would give tips, help and understand. I have attended the School with pleasure. The Linguistics School is my second home. I’m so grateful to my parents for bringing me here. Thank you very much to the teachers and owners! Happiness to everybody and many long blossoming years to your School! Thanks a lot!!!

MIFL student.

Thank you very much to the School! The Linguistics School was the best school in my life! I had never felt so comfortable as I had in this school. I have made very good friends who are always ready to help including teachers who have left their mark on my destiny. I will never forget them. These are: our dear class teacher Elena Anatolievna; Larissa Valerievna who always helped and supported us; Irina Anatolievna who solved any problem we had; Marina Mikhailovna who told us many interesting things and could always answers any of our questions. I’m very glad to have studied in this School!

Lobanov Denis
MSUM student

The School has become a second home for me over the short two years I have studied there. All the teachers and my classmates are my little family with all the warmth, coziness they have given me. A wonderful school, outstanding education, approachable teachers, a friendly atmosphere, repose and reliability: all this defines the Linguistics School!

Stepanova Maria
2008 leaver, RSUH

“We hope that there will always be a teaching staff like that one in the School. We love you! You are the best, unforgettable, the kindest and most understanding”.

Kirgizbaeva Lola, Kolesnik Julia, AkramovIskander, Batozhok
2003 leavers, MIFL, RAT, IFE and FA students

“I wish you to continue in the same traditions you established while we were studying here. I want to thank the teaching staff and my classmates with whom we all together created a fabulous, very warm and friendly atmosphere…”

Vorobieva Anna
2003 leaver, MSU student

“I want to say a huge thank you to all the teachers for instilling good knowledge in us, because life for us was much easier with them. All the subjects in the Institute are easier and that is all down to you. I wish the School to grow and blossom and it will be here and only here that I will bring my children to study!!! We love you all very much with all our hearts and souls!!!”

Krebezova Marina
2003 leaver, IFL student

“I love studying although apart from the desire and effort, other factors are also necessary in learning. To my joy and surprise all these are present in the Linguistics School not to mention the teachers’ goodwill and their readiness to help pupils, their patience, understandable explanations, and their desire to interest you in their subject.”

Julia Evseeva,
Year 10, 2000 leaver

“The “newborn” School is different as the classes are not so big and the wonderful teachers are professionals who understand the pupils like nobody else. It’s very interesting and pleasant to study here. I reckon there’s nothing to get in way of the Linguistics School happily celebrating its fiftieth anniversary some day!”

Galya Kulyamin
Year 10, 2000 leaver

Thank you to the School for providing me with a family-like environment and the best of friends.

Ekaterina Agdarova

A fabulous, bright School with excellent quality of teaching. Thank you to all the teachers for their conscientious and fatherly attitude to our children.

Soldatov, Razmakhin and Riybin families

I studied at the School 1 year and 2 months. Honestly, I would never have thought that I would cry at the Last Bell. I had never thought that I would make friends with the WHOLE class over the year!!! My first and last year of changing schools turned out not to be as hard as I thought. It’s a pity I didn’t start from 8th Form … Iwouldhavelikedthat! The School is magnificent, the teachers are very understanding and I’m very grateful to them for that! … Larisa Valerievna! Isimplyloveandadoreyou! PyotrAnatolievich! Youarethemostastoundinghistoryteacher!!! MarinaMikhailovna!Youreallyknowhowtohelppeople! Iloveyou!
In my life I have changed schools three times. This is the best. And although I haven’t known my classmates for that long a time, I still feel I had a stroke of luck with them. I’d like to wish the wonderful School: talented pupils who love it as much as I do.

Daria Plakhova
(2012 Leaver, RSHU Undergraduate)

Through the time I’ve been here, I’ve met some amazing people. People that made my life richer and beautiful. I will never forget any of you…
Painful. I thank you all as well, as you have taught me many lessons, you have made me wiser, and you all have made me a better person.
This school is the greatest school in the Universe, and at this present moment I’ve realized that I have represented it badly. I’ve done many things wrong... I’m sorry for all of this, and I promise that I will change...

Dmitry Bergoltsev-Amspoker
(school graduate, 2012)

From my side, I’d like to say a huge thank you for having become the best part of my life. For the team, the new friends and the new impressions I gained … I value that very much. I went through an awful lot in the walls of the School. Thanks to that, I’ve become the person I am, I have changed and become wiser. A huge separate thanks to Marina Mikhailovna for her love, care and warm attitude. And thanks to all and sundry. I love you and will miss you.

Maria Trubitsina
(2011 Leaver, 1stMSMU Sechenov Undergraduate)

Ourdearteachers! OurdearSchooladministration! Thankyouforeverything! Foryourpatience! Foryourunderstanding! Foryourcare! Wewishyougoodhealth! Andprosperity! In your work! And in your personal lives!

Margarita Berezhnaya
(mother of 2011 Leaver, Alexander Berezhnoi: MSU Lomonosov Undergraduate)

It so happened that I only came to the School in 11th Form. At first, I was afraid of a certain ambiguity: how will the new team find me? But after a month I realized that I’d come to the right place. We managed to assimilate relatively quickly into the team who, on their part, turned out to be friendly and open. A separate thanks I’d like to express to the teachers who successfully got us ready for the leaving and entrance exams. Thank you to all those who were around me throughout this year!

Evgeniy Gurvich
(2011 Leaver, MIFL Undergraduate)

We thank the School for its superb professionalism, persistence, understanding, and assistance in solving problems at difficult moments. We wish the School all the very best and success in education.
With love,

Sergeev Nikita, Abrosimova Aleksandra
2010 leavers, Academy of Foreign Trade, MIFL students

We want to say thank you very much to the entire teaching staff of our School for the four years we spent together. Thank you for being near, being patient, and for guiding us!!! You are always in our hearts.

Lukashevich Alina, ZaikinaTaiisiya
2010 leavers

I adore this School. Thanks to a not so big, but very friendly group of pupils, there is a very warm, intimate, that is to say personable, atmosphere here. Thank you for my having found many new friends and felt warm support from the teachers.

Pobedina Anna
2010 leaver, silver medalist, MSIIR student

We would like to express our gratitude to all the teachers of the School for your sensitivity, understanding and love. We shall never forget the School and its friendly team and caring staff.
We love you very much!!!
We’ll miss you!!!

Peshkova Ekaterina, KolikovIlya, DatsyukYarolslav
2010 leavers, MSUL, RSUH students

I’m glad to my bones that I have had the opportunity to, that is to say, the golden opportunity to be taught in your fabulous, no … in the best school under the Sun! I’m boundlessly grateful to the founders, the teachers and all who are part of the School. I wish you all, with all my heart, long life, good fortune, happiness and good children. Sure, there are no bad children. I love you very much. Thank you for everything!

Sergeeva Maria
2009 leaver, Glasgow Caledonian University student.

From the Steblii family we express our deep gratitude to you for your care and understanding… Your School has become a second home for our daughter and awakened interest in studying. Our best wishes: success in your not so easy, yet hounourablelabours! THANK YOU!!!

The Steblii family
Steblii Evgeniya, MIFL student.

I have come to love this School so much. I had never got pleasure from going to school, but this wonderful School changed my ideas about studying. Thank you very much to Larissa Valerievna and Elena Anatolievna and the rest of the teachers for their warm attitude to me and for their understanding.

Tetyulin Oleg
MIFL student.

It is comfortable and pleasant to study in this School. The teaching staff finds an individual approach to each pupil and helps solve all their problems. It’s remarkable that they can choose an individual trajectory in teaching, combining the usual form of getting knowledge with home study. For those who have chosen Humanities subjects for their future, this School allows you to gain a solid grounding in the Russian language, Literature and foreign languages. This knowledge puts you on course for Further Education in the corresponding areas.

Bachurina Marina Viktorovna
mother of Maria Bachurina, 2008 leaver, MSUL.

My memories of the Linguistics School:
Interesting teachers capable of passing on information about their subject.And, all in all, understanding people who help in the most diverse situations work in this place. If you are lacking in gumption, then this is just the place for you! It’s flooding with it there. If you want to sing, then sing, and if you want to dance, then dance, to recite poetry etc., go right ahead. The pupils are a disciplined body. Everyone knows who is who with everyone helping each other out and doing favours for one another. Festivities are also celebrated together. It’s fun here, yet a fun study atmosphere spoils nothing!!! Honestly, I’m glad that I studied in this School as before that I had studied in two others, but “Lingua” is the best! I’d put my name to every single word!

2007 leaver, MIFL student

“Dear School! You will always remain in my heart. Thank you, dear teachers, for your active role in the life of the School and for the good grounding in the English language…”

Durkina Anastasia
2003 leaver, MSUL student

“I want to wish my adorable School to have more talented pupils, long life and that leavers get together more often within its walls and that joy and a good mood become the norm of life!”

Bogdanov Aleksei
IFL student

“Thank you to my classmates who it was always warm and fun to be with. Thank you to my dear teachers, who were not only teachers but sincere friends too… Thank you to those who founded the School and keep the atmosphere that has taken shape here.”

Evseeva Valeria
2004 leaver, Academy of Finance student

“I like all the subjects in this School, but Russian, English, Algebra and Physics I like the most. I suddenly became interested in History in our School without expecting it myself. I had never been so interested in those subjects before. I’m over the moon at the subjects themselves and the teachers who conduct them. The teachers don’t shout if they don’t understand something, they explain and they are very attentive to the pupils.”

Lera Evseeva
Year 7, 2000 leaver
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