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Home Tuition

The Linguistics School may enroll pupils living in Moscow, the regions of Russia and CIS countries from Years 7 – 11 on the Home Tuition study format.

Receiving an education in our School on the state accredited Home Tuition format is not age restricted and is suitable for independent home study of basic and general (full) secondary school programmes with interim mid-term and end of year state assessment and certification.

To apply for home tuition, the following documents are necessary:

  • a letter of application from parents (in the presence of the home pupil) addressed to the Headmistress of the School;
  • a certificate confirming study at an educational establishment;
  • a certificate of mid-term assessment in an educational establishment;
  • a certificate of basic general (incomplete secondary) education;
  • identification documents of the parent and home pupil.

In addtion, documents confirming study in foreign educational establishments may be submitted. In the absence of any of the above-mentioned documents (from foreign citizens, in the event of loss of documents, education in a self-study format, overseas study), the pupil’s level of knowledge acquired from secondary education is assessed via a diagnostic test, preferably in written form.

Admission to the School occurs following the results of an interview in the English language and testing in the Russian language and Mathematics. Should parents or the pupil so wish, diagnostic testing in other subjects on the Linguistics School’s curriculum may be undergone..

In the education process, elements of distance learning (the internet, e-mail) are used. Mid-term assessment is conducted in praesentia (face-to-face) in the compulsory subjects of the School’s curriculum, except in subjects such as Art, P.E., and Technology. Exams in the English language as a specialised subject are compulsory. Following the successful passing of mid-term and end of year assessment, state certificates are awarded.
The School’s leavers are enrolled into the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages without the necessity of sitting entrance exams with account taken of the results of final state assessment in specialised subjects. In the event of application to the Faculties of Foreign Languages, Translation, Country and Cultural Studies, Languages and Cultures, marks in the English and Russian languages are considered; in the event of application to the Faculty of Law, marks in English, Russian and History are considered; to the Faculties of World Economics and International Tourism, Mathematics, English and Russian marks count as admission criteria.