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Britain and Russia year of culture



(Project under construction)

(Logo designed by Linguistics School staff)

  1. Lecture and photo exhibition dedicated to British-Soviet alliance in World War II as part of the activities of the Centre of International Youth Public Diplomacy http://cultus.ru/centr-molodezhnoy-diplomatii. Organiser: Linguistics School MIFL, 18th January, 2014 in Central Museum of Armed Forces
  2. Annual school and inter-regional conference: Language and the World. Organiser: Linguistics School MIFL, March, 2014
  3. Annual literary readings. Organiser: MIFL, March-April, October-November, 2014
  4. English Language contest for pupils: Most-Bridge: an inter-cultural dialogue http://olimpiada.mosinyaz.com/.Organisers: MIFL, Cambridge Language Assessment Centre RU037, Linguistics School MIFL, Мarch, 2014.
  5. Creation of an all-Russian open access electronic resource (distance learning courses) for English language study containing all types of task for all levels and ages. The project includes audio, video material, exercises, reading texts: all aspects of language learning will be covered: grammar, phonetics, reading, speaking as well as country and culture studies. Оrganisers: MIFL, Cambridge Language Assessment Centre, Linguistics School,  Маrch, 2014.
  6. Shakespeare anniversary readings (26th April, 2014: 480th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare)http://www.mosinyaz.com/shakespeare/Organiser: MIFL, April, 2014.
  7. TKT preparation and exam for English language teachers in Moscow (approx.. 30 – 40 teachers). Оrganisers: MIFL, Cambridge Language Assessment Centre, Linguistics School,  Маrch, 2014.
  8. “London Style” graphitti competition. Organiser: Linguistics School MIFL, May, 2014.
  9. Replenishment of library resources for Moscow schools with textbooks, supplementary textbooks, dictionaries and audio books published by Cambridge University (also as prizes for Shakespeare reading contests). Organisers: MIFL, Cambridge Language Assessment Centre, May, 2014.
  10. Organization of an International Youth Politics Club for students (based at Seliger summer camp). Organisers: MIFL, LinguisticsSchool. July, 2014.
  11. British culture days in Gorky Park and other major parks in Russian towns. Organisers: MIFL, Linguistics School, Cambridge Language Assessment Centre, June-September, 2014.
  12. Organisation of a summer language camp in Crimea. Organisers: MIFL, Linguistics School, Cambridge Language Assessment Centre, July –August, 2014.
  13. Opening of British classes in Linguistics School (IGCSE study programmes: British school leaving exams). Organiser: Linguistics School, September, 2014.
  14. Conduct International Conference in RAS Presidium – “Cultural Interaction: Britain and Russia”. Organisers: MIFL, RAS Scientific Council for the study and protection of cultural and environmental heritage, September, 2014.
  15. Creation of a bilingual professional journal dedicated to education in the world containing analytical, scientific research articles, informative articles in English and Russian. The journal will also look into questions regarding the use of new technologies in the education process, comparative analysis of educational systems and statistics. Publication founder: MIFL, Education Committee of RAS Scientific Council, November, 2014.
  16. Opening of a Centre of Russian Culture and Education in the professor-student hub of Cambridge: home to the ancient 800 year old Cambridge University. Organisers: MIFL, Cambridge Language Assessment Centre, December, 2014.
  17. Special edition of academic journal “Issues in Philology” dedicated to the Russia and Britain Year of Culture. Organiser: MIFL, December, 2014.
  18. English Conversation Club for children and adults (weekly with native speaker).Organiser: Linguistics School, during academic year, Tuesdays (for pupils) http://cultus.ru/angliyskiy-club-dlya-shkolnikovи, Fridays (for adults)http://www.mosinyaz.ru/mosinyaz-language-club/
  19. Organizing and conducting tele-bridges between Russian and British HEEs and schools. Organisers: MIFL, Linguistics School, throughout the year.
  20. Cycle of lectures from British professors in   Russian HEEs (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan). Organisers: MIFL, throughout the year.
  21. Cycle of lectures from Russian professors in British HEEs. Organisers: MIFL, throughout the year.
Преимущества обучения у нас
Наши выпускники поступают в лучшие вузы России и Мира. Высокий уровень ЕГЭ (11 медалей в выпускном классе 2017 года). Все выпускники говорят на английском языке Международные и кембриджские программы Высококвалифициро-ванная и дружная команда специалистов
Домашнее задание выполняется в школе Физкультура в виде занятий по самообороне и плаванию Школьники не носят учебники в школу (второй комплект учебников находится в школе) Родительский контроль. Отчет и анализ успеваемости Дружеская и комфортная атмосфера (нет дедовщины и психологического давления)
Креативные интерьеры и комфортные аудитории В школьном кафе собственное меню из фермерских продуктов Медицинский контроль и сопровождение с детского сада до выпускного Собственный экосад Мы выявляем способности, учим ребят, а не подлав-ливаем на незнании
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