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11 апреля 2014

Panel discussion: “Civilisation and the Universe” to commemorate Cosmonaut’s Day

On the eve of Cosmonaut’s Day Linguistics School took part in a panel discussion on the theme of “Civilisation and the Universe”.

The discussion theme was chosen specially to commemorate Cosmonaut’s Day on Friday 11th April, and is part of a regular series of panel discussions with students, pupils and staff of Linguistics School and MosInYaz.

The theme allowed for shedding light on a rather broad range of issues from the distinguishing features of Russian civilization to the brightest stars in the Universe. Achievements and the fertile fruits of modern civilization like the invention of the motorcar, aeroplane and others were also touched upon.

It was gratifying to see how well the participants prepared and presented their interesting material. Such events are to become a permanent feature of our calendar thereby giving all students, regardless of level, the opportunity to give presentations and improve their language skills.

Following the presentation section discussion moderator, Daryl McCreery, initiated a discussion on the theories of the origins of the Universe. Participants were able not only to show off their English, but also their knowledge of philosophy and concepts of natural science.