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23 апреля 2014

23rd April – World English Language Day

Linguistics School congratulates its pupils and staff on this wonderful day – World English Language Day.

This day has been marked since 2010 following a UNESCO resolution to set 23rd April as an International Day of the English Language (similar days occur for all six of the UN’s official languages). This date was not chosen offhand as it commemorates the birth of great poet and playwright, William Shakespeare, who demonstrated to all Europe how it was possible to create great works in English of comparable or superior quality to those in Italian or French.

Today the English language is recognized as the principal language of international communication and is the official or one of the official languages of around 60 countries worldwide.

The number of speakers whose native language is English amounts to roughly 410 m. whereas the number of those who speak English as a second or foreign language comes to about 1 b. Join the club! Linguistics School will help you.