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16 ноября 2013

Trip to Alexandrovsky settlement

On 16th November our 9th forms accompanied by their form teacher, Tatiana Semyonovna Suverneva, went on an excursion to Ivan Grozny Manor in the town of Alexandrov. First the kids visited the pottery workshop where they tried their hands at making clay objects. Then they took a guided tour of the manor grounds and the Tsar’s chambers in which they were told fascinating facts about the life of Ivan VI as well as about how marriage proposal ceremonies took place in ancient Rus.

 “After the excursion we went to a café where we celebrated the birthdays of our autumn-born classmates. We ate our full, danced a bit, had fun and made our way back home,” 9A pupil, Daria Kisurina shares.

9A pupil, Ekaterina Panchenko, added, “even though the road there took a long time we all enjoyed the trip.” This day replete in events will stay with the kids for a long time!