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Современная английская речь

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Daryl Robert McCreery
Teacher of English (Linguistics School native speaker)

Modern Spoken English
Elective course

Modern Spoken English in the School is taught to 7th – 9th Forms and contains an implicit culturological component.

At present a foundation course in a foreign language will, as a rule, have a cultural leaning toward English-speaking countries like Great Britain and the USA. Whilst the list of countries where English is a language of communication by no means ends there. If one takes into account the fact that English has become in fact a language of international communication, a need has thus arisen to acquaint pupils with cultural aspects and traditions of various countries in the world.

Course aims:

To prepare pupils for a future whereby they can become fully- fledged participants of cross-cultural interaction in the international community.

Apart from educational tasks this course has instructional and developmental components. The tasks of this course are:

  • To acquaint pupils with cultural traditions of different countries in the world;
  • To give the opportunity to feel part of the world cultural arena, to understand what brings people together regardless of their religion, where they live and lifestyle;
  • To help pupils find out more about the traditions of their own country and to comprehend their cultural heritage.

Lexical material magnificently accompanies the main study material without repeating anything. Grammar exercises are absent thereby allowing pupils to concentrate fully on developing their speaking.

The course presents pupils a wealth of material for project and creative work and reports and messages; uses supplementary country studies material and personal experience; internet and other resources are also made use of.

Pupils of our School are introduced to real people from various countries of the world, including from Russia, their traditions and national values and the norms of their speech and non-speech behaviour and etiquette: all that is understood in the notion of “culture”.

Tasks help pupils not only to improve their knowledge of modern English, but to form an idea of the special features and peculiarities of their own national culture in the context of world cultures.

It is worth noting that the coursebooks: Across Cultures and Great Britain: What it’s Like aid the development of skills necessary for successful intercultural exchange and the formation of ethical and national tolerance.

Преимущества обучения у нас
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