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This page is run by
Tamara Andreevna Kiryushova
Teacher of the Spanish language
lecturer in the Higher School of Economics


The new historic conditions of social development, the movement towards internationalisation and integration in different areas of human activity invigorate the development of scientific knowledge and practical abilities in the sphere of foreign language education. Under such conditions the significance of education of humanities subjects grows including philology and linguistics. Services in this sphere, apart from HEEs, are provided also by secondary education establishments: schools, academies, grammar schools with advanced study of one or several languages. In the Linguistics School four foreign languages are taught: English (as the main one), Spanish, German, and French. The second language is chosen by pupils with a majority in our School preferring, as practice shows, Spanish.

350 m. people worldwide speak Spanish and it is a state language of 21 countries in the world and is one of the official languages of the UN, UNESCO and the EU.

Positive economic and political expansion in Spain and Spanish speaking countries and the variegated relationship between our country and those countries in various spheres (economic, scientific-technical, educational and cultural) highlight the importance of Spanish in international co-operation and draw interest in the cultures of Spanish speaking peoples and the Spanish language and create demand for its study.

All opportunities for successful learning of the Spanish language are available in the Linguistics School. A mere two academic hours a week is allocated to Spanish, yet the high level of motivation in pupils and the methods of multi-level teaching allow for the achievement of good results.

Modern education techniques for learning foreign languages are used in the lessons like IT and coursebooks recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of RF and supplementary materials published in Spain are aslo used: USO de la gramaticaespanola, Nuevo ELE, Nuevo VEN (1, 2, 3), Curso de puesta a punto en espanol etc.

In Spanish lessons pupils learn not only phonetics, lexis, grammar to develop their language capabilities, but receive masses of supplementary information on the study of the country: geography, history and cultures of Spanish speaking countries.

Upon leaving school, as students of MIFL or other language HEEs, our leavers not infrequently choose Spanish not only as a second foreign language, but also as the main one connecting it with their future vocation.

Преимущества обучения у нас
Наши выпускники поступают в лучшие вузы России и Мира. Высокий уровень ЕГЭ (11 медалей в выпускном классе 2017 года). Все выпускники говорят на английском языке Международные и кембриджские программы Высококвалифициро-ванная и дружная команда специалистов
Домашнее задание выполняется в школе Физкультура в виде занятий по самообороне и плаванию Школьники не носят учебники в школу (второй комплект учебников находится в школе) Родительский контроль. Отчет и анализ успеваемости Дружеская и комфортная атмосфера (нет дедовщины и психологического давления)
Креативные интерьеры и комфортные аудитории В школьном кафе собственное меню из фермерских продуктов Медицинский контроль и сопровождение с детского сада до выпускного Собственный экосад Мы выявляем способности, учим ребят, а не подлав-ливаем на незнании
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