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This page is run by
Marina Yurievna Biryukova
Teacher of ICT and Leader of pupil Project Work


The modern world is inconceivable without computers. The technological era that began with the 20th century, in the 21st is gathering its momentum ruthlessly getting rid of what is obsolete. Passively receipt of information does not encourage the development of creative skills in pupils. Nowadays it is very important that a pupil want and know how to develop their own capabilities. The teacher’s task is thus to use a personal approach to the learner, to use their interest in computers and IT; to give pupils those tasks that can be completed with the help of computers and that while completing them pupils can independently deepen their knowledge and develop their creative potential; to give pupils the means to gather, analyse and generalize on information, to be able to express themselves on whatsoever issue and to create something new from it, be it a report, essay or computer presentation. This is aided with the School’s ICT course. Come to our School and see for yourself!

Our ICT lab has a cosy working atmosphere. The lab is equipped with modern computer technology with wi-fi internet. Every year sees new applications of IT in education thereby making integrated lessons with ICT a priority aim in the learning process.

Outside of class time pupils have the opportunity to go to and make use of the lab in comfortable conditions. Pupils either independently or under supervision of the teacher work with information on this or that topic and issue using the internet to further their knowledge, to communicate or to prepare for USE.