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Aleksei Andreevich Zikin
Teacher of Physics and ICT


The teaching of Physics in the School meets the standards laid down in the national curriculum. I work with the textbooks and resources recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science. During the study process I use the humanities potential of Physics which facilitates the finding of solutions to instructional issues, the making of school relevant to the pupils’ lives, the raising of their interest in the subject, namely, the study if physical phenomena.

The material used in the teaching of Physics is presented without shortcuts; it is presented in full: all physical phenomena, laws and formulae are studied and tasks both of a qualitative nature and with the use of mathematics are solved. Pupils are taught to use reference literature and supplementary material. Extra Physics classes, part of which is given over to solving complex tasks, are held in the School.

Psychological research shows that gaining knowledge is based on direct feelings, perceptions and conceptions a person has which in themselves have been gained through contact with objects and phenomena. In the process of studying Physics this contact is created by setting up experiments and thus a teacher’s explanation is accompanied with experimental demonstrations; frontal lab work is conducted and, apart from this, pupils (mostly in 8th – 9th Forms) fulfill experiments at home.

Home experiments enable the practical and polytechnical preparation of pupils and they fill the gaps of practical work done in class with self-study and this in turn variegates the typical forms of homework (textbook reading, problem solving, preparing reports, essay writing). Assessment of pupils is conducted partially through project.

The Physics lab is equipped with demonstrative and laboratory equipment which is regularly topped up. Plasm monitors and computers provide opportunities for varying lessons through thematic films and in the study of specific topics computer programmes are used which expand the options of learning the phenomena of Physics in a lively way.

Linguistics School-Lyceum works in close contact with the regional Physics resource centre; regional cobtrolled assessments are regularly conducted; pupils of the School take part in contests at various levels. As a Physics teacher I work in methodological conjunction with the Physico-Mathematic cycle.

The volume of knowledge obtained from the School allows our Leavers to get places even in technical HEEs. We recommend An Elementary Textbook of Physics under the editorship of T.S. Landsberg whilst for solving supplementary tasks we recommend B. Grinchenko’s How to Solve Physics Tasks.

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