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Elena Chirsonovna
Teacher of Biology

Special features of teaching Biology in Linguistics School-Lyceum

The teaching Of Biology in Linguistics School is based on the foundation curriculum as set by the national curriculum using textbooks recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science.

In lessons pupils obtain knowledge about living nature and the laws which govern it, about the structures and vital functions of living organisms, about humans as biosocial entities and about the roles of biological life in the practical activities of people and much more besides.

To children’s develop cognitive interests and intellectual and creative abilities through the use of modern teaching methods and technology, to conduct observations on living organisms, to conduct biological experiments and to work with various information sources not to mention organizing field trips.

Pupils may apply their knowledge and capabilities to life by growing and looking after plants, by taking care of pets and their own health, conducting first aid on themselves and others, by evaluating the consequences of their actions towards the environment, their own bodies and the health of other people whilst following rules of behavior and the norms of a healthy lifestyle, by taking preventative measures against illness, injury, stress and harmful habits.

Biology lessons are conducted in various forms: traditional forms, seminars, plays, lectures, reports, practical and lab work.

Through completing a plethora of tasks such as looking after animals, learning about structures with equipment like microscopes, wet mounts, collections, puppets and skeletons; through compiling comparative properties of species based on textbook material and other such activities pupils obtain deeper and more solid knowledge of the subject and a clearer idea of what it’s all about which serves as a basis for developing general biological conceptions in pupils.

Biology and Environmental Science exams are conducted in 8th – 9th Forms. Exam questions are compiled based on recommendations for pupils studying foreign languages at an advanced level.

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