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English Through Communication

This page is run by
Karina Ashotovna Dubrovitskaya
Teacher of English, Director of Cambridge
Language Assessment Centre

English Through Communication
“Effective communication strategies”

Hello! MynameisKarinaAshotovnaDubrovitskaya. I teach English in Linguistics School-Lyceum.

I’m also the Director of Language Assessment in our Exams Centre RU037. This is one Cambridge University’s Centres.

I’ve been conducting Cambridge Language Assessment Exams (English for Students of Other Languages) for quite a few years.

So, whataremymainresponsibilities?

Well, of course, I prepare pupils for Cambridge English Language exams, I help pupils work out all the strategies and abilities that will help them successfully pass the KET, PET, Cambridge First (formerly FCE), CAE and BEC international exams.

These certificates issued by Cambridge Language Assessment, are considered marks of achievement. They are the conclusions of experts on the correlation between your knowledge and international standards.

At the same time our lessons consist of “living English”. They are a “discussion club” where knowledge of the English language give the opportunity to express your point of view, persuade a listener of your rightness, in short:  “get your ideas across”.

We also learn to listen to one another since one of the main issues in communication is the inability or lack of desire to hear one another: “talk at cross purposes”.

Yet what if we are talking about different cultures and stereotypes?

The ability to hear someone out and understand another point of view is a gift that I try to develop in pupils during our lessons.

We do not us the  “I disagree”, approach, ours is that of “I see your point”.

The opportunity to find a mutually beneficial solution, the search for  “win-win solutions” – ” is an opportunity for the co-existence of different cultures.

I hope that these lessons in tolerance will help my pupils not only to learn how to successfully communicate in English, but to understand the significance of common human values as well.