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English Literature

This page is run by
Marina Mikhailovna Shestakova
Teacher of the Englishlanguage, methodologist
in foreign languages
at the education-methodology centre of the Linguistics School 

Optional course
«English Literature»

Foreign literature can be a valuable means of learning a foreign language. The study of foreign literature not only raises grammatical and lexical competencies, but stylistic competence of pupils. For this very reason one of the optional courses in the Linguistics School’s programme is the general course of foreign (Anglo-American) literature and is taught to Year 11 pupils.

The main aim of the optional course is to transport pupils to the world of British and American literary fiction. To acquaint pupils with classic works of different eras and literary movements and their contribution to the heritage of English speaking countries and also to introduce pupils to practical analysis of structural and semantic features of a literary text.

The objectives of this course are to further the development of the following abilities in pupils:

  1.  to read literary prose in the original using various reading skills like close reading, skimming and scanning and also reading for detailed understanding;
  2.  to discuss the issues raised by a literary work and the author’s message;
  3.  to express one’s attitude to the text and analyse the author’s hidden information in the text of a literary work;
  4.  To improve pupils’ language skils;
  5.  To recognise interdisciplinary connections and to improve pupils’ general cultural awareness and education and to broaden their perspective;
  6.  To motivate pupils in their language learning.

The themes of the units, texts, discussion topics and course exercises suit the age and interests of pupils studying foreign literature and take into account their concerns, capabilities and requirements. The array of tasks and exercises are organised so that pupils become active participants in the education process.

It is worth noting that “Macmillan Literature Guide for Russia”coursebook which the optional course is based on contains authentic material that is not only meaningful, but educational information and helps bridge interdisciplinary points in English language study.